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2011 Results

2011 Sectional Championships (featuring CSC teams)CSC Teams win 5 team titles!
Class B Boys-Girls Ilion boys finish 2nd and Ilion girls finish 3rd
Class C Boys-Girls Cooperstown (C1) and WCV (C2) boys win.  WCV girls capture C2 title.
Class D Boys-Girls Old Forge boys and Remsen girls win again.

5/21/11- Cicero-North Syracuse Invitational (Old Forge) ***Ethan Kress breaks Old Forge school record in the triple jump 43' 1''***
5/21/11- 71st Annual 2011 William J. Eddy Invitational (Cooperstown) ***Alec Silvera sets a CSC record in the 110HH 14.80***

2011 League Championships
CSC I   Boys-Girls Champs: Ilion boys and WCV girls
CSC II  Boys-Girls Champs: Cooperstown boys and Saquoit Valley girls
CSC III Boys-Girls Champs: Old Forge boys and Remsen girls

5/13/11- 2011 Junkyard Relays  (Old Forge, Westmoreland, Adirondack, WCV)
5/10/11- Boys Ilion@Mohawk
5/10/11- Girls Adirondack@F-S
5/10/11- Boys Adirondack@F-S (Incomplete results)
5/10/11- Girls- Little Falls@Dolgeville
5/10/11- Boys- Little Falls@Dolgeville
5/10/11- Girls WCV@Herkimer Updated on 5/12 with complete results.
5/10/11-Boys- WCV@Herkimer
5/9/11- Boys Westmoreland,ODY,Oriskany@Mt. Markham

5/7/11- Don Howard Invitational Girls Results
5/6/11- Co-Ed Sherburne-Earlville Invitational Boys Results - Girls Results
5/6/11- Co-Ed- Oneida Invitational (Old Forge, Adirondack, and Morrisville-Eaton)

5/5/11-Girls- Dolgeville@Adirondack
5/5/11- Boys- Ilion@Little Falls
5/5/11- Girls- Frankfort-Schuyler@WCV
5/5/11- Girls- Ilion@Little Falls
5/5/11- Boys- Mohawk@Herkimer
5/5/11- Boys- Dolgeville@Adirondack
5/5/11- Boys- Frankfort-Schuyler@WCV
5/4/11- Girls- Cooperstown,Oriskany,Canastota@Westmoreland
5/4/11- Girls- Little Falls@Herkimer
5/3/11- Girls- Adirondack@Ilion
5/3/11- Boys Adirondack@Ilion
5/3/11- Boys F-S@Mohawk
5/3/11- Girls F-S@Mohawk
5/3/11- Girls Dolgeville@WCV
5/3/11-Boys Dolgeville@WCV
5/3/11- Boys S-E,Remsen@NY Mills
5/3/11- Girls S-E, Remsen @ NY Mills

4/30/11- Girls- Liverpool Girls Invitational. (West Canada Valley, Sauquoit Valley, Remsen, and Cooperstown)
4/30/11- Co-Ed-  
Chittenango Invitational.  (Ilion, Westmoreland, and Sauquoit Valley)

4/29/11- Boys  
Cooperstown, Old Forge, Adirondack, West Canada Valley, and Morrisville-Eaton)

4/28/11-Girls Mohawk@Dolgeville Bliss breaks her own school shot put record!
4/28/11-Boys Mohawk@Dolgeville
4/28/11- Boys Herkimer@Ilion
4/28/11- Girls Herkimer@Ilion
4/28/11- Girls WCV@Adirondack
4/28/11- Boys WCV@Adirondack
4/27/11- Girls OF, Cooperstown@NYM
4/27/11- Boys OF,Cooperstown@NYM
4/26/11- Girls- Dolgeville@Ilion Nichole Bliss breaks Dolgeville shot put record!
4/26/11- Boys- Dolgeville@Ilion
4/26/11- Girls Adirondack@Little Falls
4/26/11- Boys Mohawk@WCV
4/26/11- Girls Mohawk@WCV
4/26/11- Boys F-S@Herkimer
4/26/11- Girls F-S@Herkimer

4/23/11-Cook-Destefano Boys Relays (

4/14/11- Girls Adirondack@Mohawk
4/14/11- Boys Adirondack@Mohawk
4/14/11- Boys Dolgeville@Herkimer
4/14/11- Girls Ilion@F-S
4/14/11-Boys Ilion@F-S
4/14/11- Boys Little Falls@WCV
4/14/11- Girls Little Falls@WCV
4/14/11- Girls Dolgeville@Herkimer
4/13/11- Boys Remsen,ODY@NYM
4/13/11- Girls Remsen,ODY@NYM
4/13/11- Boys Saquoit,Oriskany@S-E
4/12/11- Boys Little Falls@Mohawk
4/12/11- Girls Herkimer@Adirondack
4/12/11- Boys Herkimer@Adirondack
4/12/11- Girls Oriskany,NYM@Mt Markham
4/7/11- Girls WCV@Ilion
4/7/11- Boys WCV@Ilion
4/6/11- Girls NYM, S-E@Cooperstown
4/6/11- Boys NYM, S-E@Cooperstown
4/5/11- Boys New Hartford@WCV
4/4/11- Boys Whitesboro @ WCV
3/31/11- Boys Ilion@Cooperstown
3/31/11- Boys WCV@Clinton