Boys S-E,Oriskany@Cooperstown

Cooperstown Central School Home Meet Vs. Sherburne-Earlville and Oriskany Central School

Weather: The day was sunny with highs in the upper 60s, slightly windy.


Cooperstown Vs. S-E: 117-15

Cooperstown Vs. OCS: 111-22

OCS Vs. S-E: 58-45

100: 1st: B. Campbell, S-E: 12.0                                2nd: Kevin Segit, CCS: 12.1                  3rd: Wade Stahl, CCS: 12.7

200: 1st: Jacob Miller, CCS: 23.7                                    2nd: B. Campbell, S-E: 26.0                  3rd: D. Campbell, S-E: 27.1

400: 1st:Jacob Miller, CCS: 57.3                                    2nd: San Filippo, OCS: 61.4                  3rd: Mike Boyle, CCS: 61.8

800: 1st: Kevin Segit, CCS: 2:17.6                                    2nd: Jacob Lansing, CCS: 2:19.6                  3rd: Kozak, OCS: 2:26.9

1600: 1st: Joe Harmon, CCS: 4:58.1                  2nd: Kozak, OCS: 5:19.7                                    3rd: Benedict, S-E: 5:21.8

3200: 1st: Jimi Scrafford, CCS: 11:30.9                  2nd: Nick Fanion, CCS: 11:40.4                  3rd: Wilson, OCS: 12:14.4

110H: 1st: Max Bonderoff, CCS: 20.7

400H: 1st: Max Bonderoff, CCS 108.9

4x100: 1st: Erichsen, Miller, Booan, Segit, CCS: 48.5

2nd: Blair, D. Campbell, B. Campbell, Mead, SE: 49.7

3rd: Powers, Zhang, Mebust, Idelson, CCS: 51.4

4x400: 1st: W. Stahl, TJ Fay, Harmon, Schulz, CCS: 3:59.2

                  2nd: Silvestri, Kozak, Hamm, SanFilippo, OCS: 4:09.5

                  3rd: Booan, Miller, Lansing, Fanion, CCS: 4:13.0

4x800: 1st: Fanion, Gomez, Scrafford, Lansing, CCS: 10:08.5

                  2nd: Russell, Wilcox, Ducey, Pederson, CCS: 10:41.4

LJ: 1st: Quentin Powers, CCS: 16’7”                  2nd: B. Campbell, S-E: 16’5”                   3rd: D. Silvestri, OCS: 15’11”

TJ: 1st: Johnny Zhang, CCS: 36’5”                                    2nd: Mike Boyle, CCS: 33’2”                  3rd: Quentin Powers, CCS: 32’7”

HJ: 1st: Tom Schulz, CCS: 5’4”                                    2nd: Max Bonderoff & Sean Mebust, CCS: 5’2”

PV: 1st: Mike Boyle, CCS: 11’                                    2nd: Sean Mebust, CCS: 9’6”                  3rd: Nick Fanion, CCS: 9’6”

Shot: 1st: Ken Stahl, CCS: 37’.5”                                    2nd: Jesse Shute, CCS: 34’9”                  3rd: Cross, S-E: 32’11”

Discus: 1st: Lockwood, OCS: 106’6”                  2nd: JP Gertz, CCS: 106’4”                  3rd: Jesse Shute, CCS: 89’5