2014 CSC Championships

2014 CSC Championship Meet:

Meet will be at Remsen this year on Saturday, the 18th

Register via www.onlineentries.com by the 13th

The meet is scored as a single invitational meet. For each team a school surpasses, it scores 2 points. This total is added to the regular season points compiled (2 points for each win at the first meeting of divisional opponents). Conference patches are awarded to divisional team champions. Individual all-star patches are also awarded per the bylaws.

Because the bylaws currently state that any academic test date will bump the meet to the afternoon, and at least one school administers PSATs that morning, the meet will be in the afternoon. 

Meet Schedule

1:30 Coaches’ meeting

2:00 Girls Modified

2:20 Boys Modified

2:40 JV combined

3:20 Girls Varsity

4:00 Boys Varsity