Weekly Standings

2017 Standings    <--- Click on this link

I will update this early each week so we can collectively check for errors and make sure it is accurate before the league championships.  

You will find the spreadsheet confusing at first, but it will make sense after first glance.  Records and point tallies will be at the top.  If you find any errors please let me know.  

A few things to remember:

  • You score against the team in your division the first time you race them and not subsequent races.
  • If two "incomplete" teams both have fewer than 5 runners they can still compete if they at least have 3 runners.  Incompletes are scored 3 v 3, if you have a 4th runner they displace. Anything less than 3 is incomplete. So a team of 3 would beat a team of 2.   
5 v 5 (runners 6 and 7 displace)
4 v 4
4 v 3 (would be 3 v 3 plus the team with 4 would use their 4th runner to displace)
3 v 3
3 v 2 (team of 3 wins) If the team of 3 took first 3 places the  score would be 6 to inc.

5 v 4 or 3 - the team of 5 wins and the team of 4 or fewer is incomplete